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Dayvinleigh Garden

It just keeps growing...


We started with one raised garden bed made from old railway sleepers growing a few potatoes and lettuces. 


Then as our confidence built we planted more, and more and more.  We now have two greenhouses, nine garden beds, a wee orchard, the berry patch and the secret garden.


The abundance of produce motivated us to start making jam, relish and chutneys which we love to share.


Then in 2017 when the garden was really cranking Tracy dropped off a basket of fresh produce to Bradley, Chef and Co-owner of Arbour Restaurant.  One thing led to another and now the Dayvinleigh Garden is a regular supplier of vegetables for the Arbour Kitchen.

News and Notes

Link to article:  Admire Magazine, March 2018


"Being in the garden is my happy place.  If I can validate some of the time I spend out here by providing produce to a restaurant and team that I admire and respect, that's a bonus."

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