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Corporate Sponsorship for Dayvinleigh Wetland

We are stoked to have our first corporate sponsor on board to aid in the development of the Dayvinleigh Wetland.

TRC Tourism is a leading international tourism, recreation and conservation planning consultancy based in Australia and New Zealand. TRC delivers sustainable solutions for people, places and cultures and is committed to tourism that contributes positively to society.

TRC Tourism New Zealand is proud to be certified Climate Positive Business Operations (120% offset) with Ekos.

As part of their practical commitment to environmental sustainability they have chosen to contribute funding toward plants, pest and weed control at Dayvinleigh Wetland.

Several of the team from TRC Australia and New Zealand have visited or stayed at Dayvinleigh over the past 4 years as Tracy is one of the TRC team of consultants. So when TRC management were looking for initiatives to support, the Dayvinleigh Wetland came to mind.

We are thrilled to have the support of TRC Tourism through their funding along with their motivation and encouragement for our wetland restoration programme. Thank you TRC


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