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There is never a dull moment here at Dayvinleigh, beyond the vineyard there is the daunting but hugely rewarding wetland project that needs tackling, the ongoing list of landscaping tasks, planning a new venture on the bottom terrace and growing the Johnston tribe of fur children.

The following is a collection of news, stories, articles and musings, enjoy...

In the heat of summer Kevin ensures he always has his pager on him and a vehicle at the ready for the dash to the station if the alarm sounds. It doesn't take much for a fire to start in the countryside and every second counts to get on top of it before it gets out of control. But fires are just a small part of the job of volunteer fighters in communities like ours. They are also first responders to medical emergencies either to get there in advance of St Johns or to assist them if the situation requires it. The crew also respond to vehicle accidents and as we live on a State Highway we definitely see our share of those.

No matter what the hour or the circumstance Kevin leaps into action to respond to callouts along with attending training every Monday night. It's a big commitment but one Dayvinleigh is proud to support as part of our sustainably commitment to: Empower and support our team to act as proactive and responsible members of the community both in the work and home life.

Last week Tracy got to dust of her angel wings to take part in the Graeme Dingle Foundation 'Kiwican Jam' celebrating five years of Kiwican in Marlborough. Tracy, who was Chair of the Marlborough Trust at the time, was the first person ever to 'go over the side' in the inaugural 'Drop Your Boss' fundraiser.

See Marlborough Express, 13 May 2013

'Drop Your Boss' is now running across New Zealand and has raised just over half a million dollars for the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

The Kiwican programme is now reaching 50% of all primary school children in Marlborough, that is double what any other region has achieved.

The line up of incredible people in this photo from the Kiwican Jam have all done far more ambitious fundraising for the foundation including cycling the length of NZ in under 5 days and kayaking across Cook Strait!

Tracy is now a mentor for the Foundation's Career Navigator programme. Dayvinleigh proudly supports Tracy to invest her time in supporting the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

Dayvinleigh Limited is on board to support a youth development programme being delivered for the first time here in Marlborough. Tracy is a committed supporter of the Graeme Dingle Foundation as a past Trustee and Chair of the local Trust and Project K mentor a few years back. This year sees the introduction of a new programme; Career Navigator and Tracy has signed up to be part of the mentor team. A big shout out to all the mentors and the team at Graeme Dingle Foundation for contributing their time and energy to this great initiative. Companies commit to help teens find right career path , March 14, 2018