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It was the night before Christmas...

Twas the week before Christmas, time to pimp up the house

and unwrap the balls, scored at half price from Warehouse

The 22 year old tree, still hanging in there

Tracy can’t bear to part with it, had it since their wedding year.

Stereo on, Adele blasting loud

Tracy singing badly, luckily there’s no crowd

Suddenly an idea springs into her head

Kevin heard the laugh, it filled him with dread.

Out she went running with Santa hat and stocking

Hugo took one look and just knew it would be shocking

Santa hat on and sock filled with straw

Hugo the donkey started to thaw.

He took it all with good grace

And even managed to keep a straight face

After all it is Christmas

and a donkey in a Santa hat is simply delicious.

So from the Johnston’s we say, Merry Christmas one and all

It’s holiday time, so if your passing give us a call

We can share a drink, while we sit on the deck

If you are busy, no worries, we’ll take a rain check


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